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How to Barbecue (Detailed Elaboration from 6 Dimensions)

The BBQ Site Selection Guide:

In addition to the grills in your own backyard or in your community, there are usually barbecue areas with grills, tables and chairs in the park. Most of them are first come, first served, and no reservation is required. When choosing a grill, don’t underestimate the harshness of the sun, and try to choose a place with a canopy on top of the seats or shade from trees nearby.

BBQ Fire Skills:

Aspect 1: For portable stainless steel fire pit:

Start by cleaning out the ashes and broken charcoal from under the grill. If it has been cleaned up, you can prepare to light a fire directly.

Charcoal and lighter fluid, which can be easily purchased in supermarkets and gas stations, are essential fire-making tools. Pour the charcoal into the stainless steel camping grill and stack it until it is about half high, then follow the combustion accelerant According to the instructions on the bottle, pour the combustion accelerant from above the charcoal. After pouring, immediately throw the burning paper into the charcoal pile to start a fire. At this time, the fire will escape from the grill, so you need to pay attention to safety. When the momentum of the open flame gradually weakens and the appearance of the charcoal gradually turns gray, the charcoal can be spread flat to cover the entire portable stainless steel fire pit.

Aspect 2: For BBQ gas grill

Before lighting, check whether the connection between the gas tank and the stainless steel portable gas grill is tight and leak-free . Make sure the grill area and burner are free of food residue or fat accumulation that could cause excessive flames. Open the gas tank: Open the gas tank valve slowly first. Do not open it all at once to avoid danger caused by sudden release of gas. Depending on your grill model, it may have an electronic ignition button or require the use of a lighter/match. With electronic ignition, usually just press the ignition button. If using a lighter or match, first place the fire source in the grill area, then slowly turn the knob controlling the burner to allow the gas to flow out and ignite. Temperature Control: Monitor the grill using the thermometer on the gas griddle cooking station (https://www.lumbregrill.com/products/2-ways-4-burner-eg-series-outdoor-griddle-station/) or an external thermometer The temperature inside, adjust the burner power according to the needs of the food. Keep in mind that each gas grill may operate slightly differently, so carefully read and follow your grill's instruction manual before use. Safety always comes first.

Should We Put Tin Foil on It or Not?

Americans have been debating whether BBQ should be grilled directly on an outdoor griddle cooking station or grilled with foil. Opponents generally believe that the food lacks the aroma of charcoal fire after being covered with tin foil. But we strongly recommend that everyone remember to bring tin foil when using a "public grill"! Because not all outdoor griddle cooking stations can be cleaned clean and free of adhesion. Of course, although it is convenient to use a combustion accelerant to ignite a fire, some people worry that the combustion accelerant will produce harmful substances and adhere to the food. Putting a layer of tin foil to isolate the direct contact between the charcoal and the food is a solution to dispel this concern. For those who are inexperienced, placing a layer of tin foil can largely avoid the "novice embarrassment" of the food being burnt on the outside but undercooked on the inside. In addition, for foods that are difficult to cook, such as ribs, wrapping them all in tin foil first and then opening the grill after wrapping can reduce the waiting time. Putting tin foil on it can also save you the trouble of threading skewers, and prevent small shrimps, mushrooms and the like from falling into the charcoal pile. Finally, it is easier to clean up after the barbecue.

Choice of Barbecue Tools:

(1) In addition to the barbecue tongs, the barbecue brush is indispensable and must not be forgotten! Whether brushing with butter or garlic water, a special long-handled brush can get twice the result with half the effort!

(2) A special barbecue fork can also play a large role in checking the maturity of meat and turning over barbecue steaks. The key is that people who look professional during BBQ are the best! handsome! gas!

(3) In addition, don't forget to bring a foil pan that is convenient for holding food for everyone to pick up, a large garbage bag that is easy to clean, and a cooler that can be refrigerated and filled with ice.

What is the Best Barbecue Food Preparation?

If you are going to hold a BBQ party for at least 10 people, it is highly recommended to go to a warehouse supermarket to purchase. If you are too lazy to prepare meat in advance, such supermarkets often have pre-marinated chicken wings and steaks, and you can also purchase sufficient disposable tableware and cups. Before preparing food, be sure to understand the dietary restrictions of your visitors. Vegetarian or carnivore? Are you allergic to certain foods?


How to Choose Barbecue Seasonings?

In addition to the oil, salt, chili powder, and cumin that everyone can think of. Introducing two big killers for BBQ: garlic water and butter. When grilling, whether it is grilled chicken wings or mushrooms, brushing it with butter can make the taste richer and richer, making barbecue eaters want to stop. In addition, traditional American barbecue sauce, as well as ketchup, honey yellow mustard and other sauces used for steaks and hot dogs are essential. If you are preparing seafood such as grilled fish and shrimp, don’t forget to prepare lemon. The squeezed lemon juice goes better with the seafood.