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How To Use A Gas Grill Properly?

Gas barbecue grill equipment 

"To be good at what you do, you must first be good at what you do", to get the Z high fun of barbecue, the first task is to pick the barbecue equipment you need. Barbecue equipment, according to its role is different mainly divided into three kinds of ovens, baking tools and fuel: ovens of many types and styles, the distinction between a variety of methods, according to the material points have enamel furnace, cast iron furnace, stainless steel furnace, tin furnace (spray paint powder), brick ceramic furnace and aluminum foil furnace, etc.; according to the different ways of barbecue are charcoal, gas and electric stove; according to the different functions of the banquet oven, ordinary household barbecue oven, mini-couple oven, etc..

There are many different kinds of outdoor BBQ utensils, but they are just forks, spatulas, clamps, brushes, wire brushes (for cleaning grill utensils), knives and bamboo skewers, and more advanced ones are electric flippers, manual (electric) blowers and electronic igniters.

Fuel is still relatively new to domestic users, in fact, Europeans are very picky about the choice of fuel, requiring both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The popular fuels now are charcoal, coal (charcoal and coal synthesis, non-toxic and odorless), high-efficiency bamboo charcoal, natural gas, etc., and these fuels are generally specially treated to have a little bit of instant combustion characteristics.

The friends who like to barbecue probably have a good memory of "one person a barbecue fork, around the stove happy", but do not know that this way of barbecue is too monotonous point. In fact, there are many ways to grill, both with a fork and grill, and can be put on the net grill, and frying, stewing, baking, etc. Now Europe's popular baking utensils are many, some are also very high-grade, more suitable for the current needs of national consumption are mainly the following: 

1. Three sets of outdoor grill grill fork shovel clip combination, basically to meet the needs of a variety of barbecue, to give barbecue fans more choice.

2. Grilling needle and divided into two kinds of wooden handle and no wooden handle, suitable for meatballs, vegetables, sausages and other foods skewered together barbecue, both fast and trouble-free.

Baking net clip is divided into round clip, square clip and fish-shaped clip, you can choose according to the different grilled food, such as square clip can be used to clip bread, squid; round clip can be used to clip beef patties, etc.

The skills for using gas grill

1. Direct grilling and indirect grilling

You may ask: barbecue is not the meat and other food on the fire? No, European-style barbecue can be burned, stewed, baked, fried and other ways, where the "burn" belongs to the open fire barbecue is also called direct barbecue; while the other several is called indirect barbecue, through the apple oven to complete.

Direct grilling

①Place the ball of charcoal in the center of the charcoal rack of the apple oven

②Put the vegetables and meat in the center of the iron castor, and hang the lid on the edge of the stove

Indirect grilling

①Light the ball of charcoal and place it on both ends of the charcoal rack

②Place the meat and vegetables in the middle of the gas grill machine

③ cover the stove, use the dampers to adjust the fire, rely on smoked food cooked

2. Grilling time and fire control of common foods

Grilling food is affected by many factors such as the length of grilling time, the mastery of the fire, the choice of grilling equipment and even the environment at the time. To achieve good grilling results, the above factors should not be ignored, especially the grilling time and fire control is one of the keys. In general, take the indirect grilling method than the direct grilling method used in the time is longer.